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Children's in movies

Hey there, folks! If you are looking for the high-quality movies for kids, you are in luck – ours is a great collection of all kinds of kid flicks. Let's face it: choosing a kid-friendly movie is hard, some "movies for children" are not really movies for children, because they contain thoroughly unwholesome scenes and actively try to push an agenda. Worry not, our website has a quality control system. Everything here is kid-friendly and moderately educational (not in a lame way, though).

There are so many problems when it comes to finding a good movie. You can probably find some all-time classics, like some Disney movies from the early 20s or something. You can find old Simpsons episodes, because some consider them full-length movies for some reason. Maybe some free-to-watch Pixar movies, but the chances are: they are all old. That mostly has to do with copyright stuff, but it also tells you that the people behind the website are lazy. These sites are dime a dozen and you (yes, YOU) deserve something truly special. If you want to watch some old-timey public-domain kid movies, that's fine, all the more power to you…

However, if you want to check out some newer movie with hip child actors, it's not easy to find a website that will let you watch it for free. Some websites with new movies are infested with malware/ransomware/god-knows-what-ware and, to put it bluntly - picking up the "right" download button is basically like playing a high-risk version of Mine Sweep. Here, on our website, you can watch all the latest movies, no problem. You are guaranteed to find the one you're looking for, because we actually care about our audience. It's a passion project at its very core: we want the kids and the adults to have fun here, it's not about making money at someone's expense.

Back on subject: some people are looking for rare movies for kids. Honestly, there are various levels of obscure: you can probably find The Snowman from 1982, the one that features the late/great David Bowie (100% loved by modern kids for copying that Lady Gaga lightning bolt back in 1972), but you won't be able to find something like Heavyweights or Everybody Rides the Carousel. Foreign kids movies are a whole another thing: there are some amazing kid flicks from abroad, including Carodejuv ucen, Da nao tian gong and, say, Russian classic Tom & Jerry knock-off called Nu, pogodi! The latter deserves a strong recommendation for everyone who wants to watch a flamboyantly dressed Wolf (hot pink, yay!) who smokes like a chimney all the way through his never-ending quest to get back at this pesky, too-cute-for-his-own-good Hare.

Here, on our website, you won't have to worry about anything: you get the latest kids movies delivered straight to your computer/tablet/phone screen. You hook it up with an HDMI cable and you're all set for an awesome screening on your TV. Did we mention that all the stuff we have on here is HD? We have 720p for all the older/non-remastered ones, we have 1080p, and we even have 4K. No camrips, no low-quality movies, we do have our own sources! The streaming and download speed is lightning-fast, so no annoying buffering here. If you want to watch something, you just watch it – we are dead-set on providing you a hassle-free experience.

Part of that is providing you with FREE stuff. No hidden fees, no charges, no anything – we want you to enjoy the experience. There's nothing worse than paying some seedy website your hard-earned cash just to un-kneecap the streaming speed or unlock HD quality. We hate that and we won't wish that on our worst enemy. As we mentioned before, it's a passion project. We want all kinds of people/kids to familiarize themselves with amazing animated flicks and cool kids movies without having to pay a single dime.

Despite being mostly aimed at kids, our website basically offers high-quality movies that the adults can also enjoy. Some are amazing and strongly recommended for all ages, some will let you bask in your nostalgia. There are many ways you can enjoy all the animated goodness we have on here. In the end of the day, it's all about having fun and there's nothing more fun than watching a great animated flick or some kids movie. They are pure joy to watch. There's a common thread: they're all kids movies, however, there are many different genres under this umbrella. Kids movies are all different, some are all about adventures, some lean on the comedic side, you will figure it out – we trust you 100%.

So, with no further ado, that was our long-winded way of saying "welcome". Explore the greatest collection of child movies and the like. Ever. In the history of the internet. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to press Ctrl+D to never miss an unmissable update. Get involved, share your recommendation and write reviews. A website is only as good as its user base and we strongly believe that our website is awesome. Yeah, to make long story short: enjoy your stay, even if just for a day! But seriously, though, we expect you to come back, because our updates are always around the corner!

Archive of rare films for fans of cinema - download: MKV 720P or 480P 60F NTSC or 50F PAL (pseudo)